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When I first started to complete small projects around my house, I didn’t think about sharing my experiences. It wasn’t until I started to venture into projects that required a little more research and knowledge that it dawned on me that there were people like myself who were searching for an answer to their DIY questions.

I knew that if I was researching how to do this and how to cut that and what tool would be best for a certain project, then there were others out there looking as well. While I am not exactly confident in how I look or how I sound on camera, I knew that I could at least start out with writing about my projects so that others could benefit.

This website was created for:

New DIYers

Whether you need a little inspiration or need help with a specific topic, this website was designed to help those new to the world of DIY and home renovation. When I was first beginning to DIY, I would spend so much time researching and looking at websites of other DIYers.

With their tips and helpful tutorials, I have been able to add my own ideas and create the space I saw inside my head.

DIYers Who Need Confidence

There are so many projects that I put on the back burner because I simply did not have the confidence to do them. There are still projects that I have on my list that intimidate me. However, I have learned that if you take it one project at a time, then you will slowly build up your knowledge and skills to take on the next project.

I also learned a lot from watching other female DIY and home renovation content creators. I have watched several for years. Knowing that they started out small and without a background in engineering or carpentry has really helped my confidence. I want to be a boost of confidence to those just starting out.

Women Who Like Power Tools

For years, there has been a stigma surrounding women who enjoy getting their hands dirty and who really enjoy using power tools. This site is for those ladies who are looking for a community of other DIYers. Let’s get our hands dirty and create something amazing!

Dreamers, Designers, & YOU

Whether you dream of building a built-in bookcase for your office or you just want to learn how to use caulk, this website is for you. I truly want to help others who scroll through their Instagram feeds and wish that they could do the same. You can do it. Whether you own your own home or you are renting an apartment, there is always a way to make your space your own.

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