Top 5 Female DIY Content Creators You Need to Follow

There are so many females who are dominating the field of DIY and home renovation. Each one has their own style and way of walking their audience through each of the projects. These ladies are

This is a SMALL list of the ladies I currently follow for design and DIY inspiration. You definitely want to check out their blogs and social media platforms.

Follow Cass on Instagram @CassMakesHome

1. Cass at

This mom of two adorable girls is one of the first creators in the DIY/Home Improvement niche who I decided to follow. She has created some of the most amazing spaces and given me so much inspiration.

Some of my favorite DIY projects she has created are the playhouse for her girls and the sitting area under her new deck. She has projects on her website, but I love following her on Instagram. She is so positive…even during the most difficult times. She is also very real during those difficult times and shows the world that it’s okay to be real, take time off, and come back when you are ready to take on another project.

Follow Jessie on Instagram @EyeInTheDetail

2. Jessie at

The website name says it all when it comes to the projects Jessie takes on. She truly has an eye for each and every detail. I think this is what caught my eye and why I connected with her and how she takes on all the things DIY.

Some of my favorite projects include her new entryway and her exquisite arches. It has made me want to add arches into my home. You can check out these projects on her website or follow her on Instagram…you won’t regret it.

Follow Cara on Instagram @NeverSkipBrunch

3. Cara at

You can’t follow Jessie without checking out Cara from Never Skip Brunch. Cara has a great sense of style and shares big and small projects. I love her moveable DIY window plant shelf and her use of towel bars for oversized door handles. She also has a podcast called Make Space for those of you who are short on time, but want a dose of inspo.

And for double all things DIY, check out the collaborations between Cara and Jessie. They have some amazing projects that will definitely get the ideas flowing. Warning: These DIY’s are so good that they will make you want to redo everything in your home.

Follow Ashley on Instagram @SmashingDIY

4. Ashley at Handmade Haven

If you have been wanting to change up your style or need a little push to add more color into your spaces, I highly recommend checking out Ashley from Handmade Haven. I actually follow Ashley on Instagram where you can find her @SmashingDIY.

You have to check out the garage mural she designed and painted. Ashley is a true artist when it comes to colors and shapes. I also fell in love with her craft room with the painted design on the ceilings.

Follow Molly on Instagram @TheHonestHome

5. Molly at The Honest Home

If you are not following Molly, then stop what you are doing and follow her right now! This mom of two gets me fired up each year when she starts her Christmas project for her girls. My favorite is the playroom from this past Christmas. This lady stays up so late to make sure that the space is colorful, creative, and just simply PERFECT!

One thing I really like about following Molly is that she is not afraid to show you her DIY fails. By knowing that she makes mistakes, it makes me feel a little better when I make mistakes. She is great about talking through her processes and teaches you how to pivot when things don’t go as planned. She has a website, but she is a creator who you will get so much from following her on her Instagram stories.

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This was one of the most difficult blog posts to wrap up. I wanted to keep writing and posting about all of these incredible women who have given me so much inspiration over the years. Whether you are brand new or a seasoned vet in the niche of DIY, I encourage you to follow these amazing creators. Not only will you get inspired, you will walk away knowing that you can take the ideas floating around in your head and make them a reality.

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