4 Things I Want To Help My DIY Audience Accomplish

There are so many things in life that are intimidating. Any time I start something new, my anxiety is always sky high. I won’t even admit to the number of projects that I have either pivoted or completely changed my mind and just stopped. However, the more I tackle a project here and there, the more my confidence grows.

While each project has its ups and downs, at the end I am always filled with such a sense of accomplishment. That is why I want to help other women to feel confident in picking up the power tools, tackling a new project, and falling in love with their new spaces.

Let me help you to:

1. Learn New Things

There is absolutely no way that any of my projects would have started without the help of someone else. To begin projects, I usually scroll through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. If I need help with a tool or how to do something, I often search YouTube and watch a few videos.

With each project I ALWAYS learn new things. My hope is that by sharing my fails and my wins that you can learn a few new things and mark the project complete.

2. Create a Space You Love

Home improvement is all about creating a space YOU love. It’s important that when creating these spaces that you don’t feel like you have to do everything exactly like me or other DIYers you see in your Instagram feed. Don’t be afraid to choose your own color palette or your own style of decor.

It can be easy to just do what the person you follow is doing, but at the end of the day, you are the person who needs to be happy. If you still like the modern farmhouse look and it puts a smile on your face, then go for it. If you want to use shiplap in part of your room decision, don’t hesitate. Choose the look that works for you.

3. Discover Confidence You Didn’t Know You Had

If you are new to home renovations, you may want to start small. However, don’t be afraid to take on something new like using a table saw. When I first started, there were so many projects that I wanted to tackle, but I needed to make cuts. Not only did I not have the tools, but I didn’t have the confidence to actually use them. I worked around this for the longest time by asking the associates at Lowe’s and Home Depot to make the cuts for me.

My goal is to help my audience discover a confidence they never knew they had. With each project completed, you will begin to transform into the person you know deep down that you were meant to be.

4. Build on a Budget

Transforming your space can be expensive. It seems like there are so many different things you need, and don’t even get me started on the projects that require the one tool that you will never use again.

However, your projects don’t have to break the bank. My goal is to give my audience a few tips and tricks to keep their projects on budget so that they can keep creating.


They say that the first step is the hardest. Join me on my journey to transform my home and my mindset while helping other aspiring DIYers.

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